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Integrated Facility Support Services

KBS is the complete maintenance solution for multi-unit, multi-region facilities throughout Canada.

KBS Is a Trusted Partner to Industry Leaders

We have deep expertise in maintaining healthy operations for clients with the highest standards of performance and compliance. KBS partners with clients to maintain healthy operations at scale.

We Customize Solutions To Our Clients’ Needs

Contract Cleaning

Parking Lot Maintenance

Snow Removal

General Maintenance

Technical Services



Inspect What You Expect

We design and implement retail-specific programs to meet our clients’ complex challenges on a national scale.

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We are where you are. KBS works across all Canadian Provinces.

KBS provides janitorial services to leading operations across Canada. Our janitorial experts use EPA-registered disinfectants and the most advanced cleaning methods for proven performance. Proprietary KBSForce™ technology is leveraged across every facility for ongoing reporting, auditing, and tracking to increase efficiency and enhance transparency.

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We deeply understand our clients’ needs and tailor our comprehensive suite of solutions to the scale and specifications they require. Working closely with our clients, we provide ongoing consultation and evaluation of services to help maintain healthy operations. Contact us today to get started.

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